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Thursday, October 19, 2006


The B.Zero1 collection is definitely the better, if not the best, known collection of Bvlgari. There was a craze a few years ago and many, from teachers to lawyers, would wear one for clubbing. Some couples also buy them as engagement bands and it is still widely popular according to my research on wedding forums (although I feel its a bit too OTT). The price inflated from a few hundred to more than a thousand due to the popularity. And there was widespread imitation; my neighbour wears a fake one. It comes in bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants etc and it is available in yellow gold, white gold (more pricey than YG), pave diamonds and other precious jewels. It is hard to find a ring size for men these days.

The Yellow Gold B.Zero1 Pendant that I have comes in a paper box with embossed gold letterings, holding a more luxurious leather box inside. It has the Tiffany box look with the pretty white ribbon, except it has gone upmarket. Full marks for packaging; it makes an impressive gift.
Like the Parentesi box, the inside has smooth luxurious paddings. There is also a very rigid stem-like appendage to hold the B.Zero1 in place.

The pendant itself looks like a very tiny version of the ring. On first look, due to the minuscule size, it is rather adorable. The Yellow Gold version gives it a more precious feel. It exudes more warmth too. It has 3 joints and the famous springy mechanism, which according to the official website, gives it a "playful" edge. Personally, its quite fun to feedle with it during boring board meetings. It does not come with any chains.

The pendant, due to the "cute factor", will look better on someone below the age of 30 that is also slim. Overweight girls and older aunties, please avoid it. It is not very suitable for guys either as it is a bit too small. Guys will look much better with the larger rings doubling up as a pendant. Furthermore, this pendant may not be suitable for daily wear due to the 3-dimensional features; it is hazardous during sleep as it will definitely poke you when you flip around in bed.

For 1000 Singapore dollars, this makes a value-for-money present as it is intricate, very branded, and the packaging is superb. Sadly the fad for this collection is over and it is no longer an It item. This is not an evergreen piece due to the hype it generated a while ago. Buy it as a gift for your beloved niece, don't buy it for yourself. For guys, buy the larger ring which can be used as a pendant too only if you have too much cash to spare.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Bvlgari - Parentesi The review of one of my favorite pieces. This is the Parentesi pendant. It comes in various versions, including necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. And it comes in pave diamonds, white gold and yellow gold. It is touted as the reinterpretation of a seventies design by bvlgari; modelled after the joints of roman pavements that link the stone blocks. The design is released in mid-2006. In Singapore, HK celebrities like Jessica Hseun (Hseun) were brought over to model it. It was also extensively advertised in the local papers and posters were everywhere.

Bvlgari certainly has the glamorous, old world charm (as oppose to the more people-friendly or mass look of Tiffany). The Parentesi carries the same image. It is bold and attention-grabbing, and the richer (and enlightened) will certainly be able to identify it (although they will figure out that mine is an entry level piece too haha).

The box is very presentable. It comes in a paper box with golden letters embossed. The inner grand jewelry box is befitting of its image; it is made of leather (I think) and the interior is buttery-soft. The paddings are totally flat, and they are flushed. So when u close the box with the pendant in it, the lid will not close completely. If you decide to store something else between the soft calf paddings, example a ring, permanent ugly indentations will be made (lesson learnt painfully).

There's a reason why the pendant came wrapped with sticky tape - the surface is the shiny sort. Magnet for scratches. After wearing it once, I could see hairline scratches just like the back of my ipod. Don't even attempt to use a silver cloth on it, it will make more scratches (another painfully learnt lesson)

It looks like 2 Bs opposing each other to me, well B for Bvlgari I guess. The design is clean, elegant and gorgeous. And it has a very masculine look. Some say it looks like a roach too, which I reckon is a good thing. Unfortunately, it is a tad small (and pretty light) which counters the masculine feel. There is a bigger version targeted at guys but its made of white gold only and comes with silk thread. Too sterling silver, in my opinion.

You cannot remove the pendant from the gold chain due to the large spring-loaded catch at the end. This is disappointing because the chain is quite a scene-stealer and I would imagine that it will go very well with other pendants. It is 16 inches long and fairly thick. It has 4 small hoops so that you can adjust the length. The hoops make it very interesting and it gives it a Greek, Olympian feel.

On a guy, because it will be relatively small, it will go better with stylish shirts and pants. It is suitable only as a small detail to the get-up. If you use it as a focal point displayed ostentatiously, it will look very gay and effeminate because it is so small. Conversely, on a girl, it will look big due to their dimunitive size. It is quite flashy and best adorned with other small simple gold accessories. So far, my friends all love it and many tried it on, and many refused to give it back. I had to force them to return it by walking over and taking it from their neck myself. It is not suitable for daily wear because it is loud and it will render you a target of a snatch-and-run.

It cost $2300 in Singapore dollars. The sales assistants are less intimidating in shops located at DFS Galleria in Orchard Road. You can view them at both level 3 and level 4. However, its best to buy them from the airport when you go on a trip as the 5% GST is waived. Remember, the prices in Bvlgari will inflate by a few percent every year just like every major luxury brand. So grab it while you can.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Initial G

Finally a blog dedicated to the age-old love object of all man kind... Yellow Gold in its splendous golden hues.

Why is Yellow Gold the best?
1. It has high value. It can be pawned, sold, trade-in. Unlike white gold or rose gold, mere costume jewelry.
2. It will always be in high fashion. It is perennial! Every king, emperor, pharoah loved it.
3. It is unisex.
4. It is like wearing money. It is ostentatious!
5. It makes you look like a debt collector. Very chic.
6. It is unmistakable, unlike white gold or platinum which can look like silver or stainless steel.
7. They last forever, u can pass it to your kids and your grandkids and your grandkids' grandkids's grandkids can still enjoy them.

I hope everyone enjoys this blog. It will carry reviews of precious yellow gold.
Mostly low-end / value-for-money stuffs, that (almost) everyone can afford.
And mostly stuffs that both boys and girls can wear... nothing is better than family-rated/orientated gold that the entire family can enjoy!!